Bottle Tree Lane

Brendon Walmsley (Control)

Bottle trees lining the lane where she met him
The place where her dreams had finally come true
Flickering sunlight the dance of the branches
They walked beneath each afternoon
In a world going crazy, skies couldn’t be clearer
‘Til war was declared and her eyes filled with tears
The boy enlisted, she cried when he kissed her
And he whispered these words in her ear

Remember the good things the good Lord has given
Remember that love will remain
Here’s to the wonderful life that we’re living
We owe it to Bottle Tree Lane
Don’t forget Bottle Tree Lane

Once more they walked through the trees in the evening
The only one smiling, the man in the moon
They promised each other forever
The sun came up too soon
The whole town turned out for their boys at the station
Waving their flags as they boarded the train
He heard her voice as she ran down the platform
“Come back to Bottle Tree Lane.”


Time marches on she became an old lady
The ANZAC parade made it’s way down the lane
The diggers passed by recalling the fallen
‘Cause each bottle tree bears a name
Everyone knew why she stood where she did
Beside the same tree on that day every year
And her grandchildren don’t take for granted the reason
They’re able to play without fear


Lest we forget Bottle Tree Lane


Grahame Watt, Judy Walmsley & Brendon Walmsley (Control)

I said I think it’s too much trouble it should just be thrown away
Grandad shook his head and said that’s the trouble with today
I reckon we can fix your bike it’s just a few old scratches
The trouble with the world today is no one uses patches

Back in those days, those early days when paying crops were few
We had to patch the things we had, we learnt to just make do
Nowadays it’s “throw away”, “get a new one”, “no expense”
We did our best to mend it, and I reckon that made sense

It’s never too much trouble when you’re making things last longer
No need to throw it all away, ‘cause patches make it stronger

A pair of pliers and fencing wire worked wonders on the track
The cockie’s friend in times of need - a friend to all outback
Kero tins and kero boxes, were treasures to us folk
For buckets and for furniture, and to fix the things that broke


When as families we had arguments and said what we had to say
We’d wait a while and patch it up - not like they do today
We were satisfied with what we had and stayed together longer
We never threw it all away - and the patches made us stronger

It’s never too much trouble when you’re making things last longer
No need to throw it all away,
It’s never too much trouble when you’re making love last longer
No need to throw it all away, ‘cause patches make us stronger

Still Falling

Brendon Walmsley (Control)

Remember when it started could our hearts beat any faster
Excited by the height from which we fell
Floating like a feather where the when became whenever
We made those moments matter for ourselves
And I wonder if some day this dream will end
‘Cause I keep waking up to live it all again

I’m still falling in love with you
Still dancing on air
And I don’t care what comes my way
So long as you are there
I’m still falling still falling
Still falling in love with you

All this time together never thought it could get better
Then you take me places that I haven’t been
When the world is rearranging you stay the same, you’re so amazing
You don’t have to change a single thing
And I wonder if we’ll ever lose that shine
‘Cause it’s all so clear when your hand touches mine


You know what I’m thinking, you know what to say
To make all my wishes come true
You stopped me from sinking, you lifted me way up I’m...


Bed Of Roses

Brendon Walmsley (Control)

He’s a hard man to work for if it weren’t for his daughter
His pride and joy my secret to hide
I’ve been breaking the horses he bought in the Autumn
She lights up like Spring when she watches me ride
The other men reckon that I’ve lost my mind
Chasing something that never will be
For starters, her father, his temper is blind, besides
What would she see in a cowboy like me

One of these days it’ll all go my way
I’ll get through before the door closes
And I’ll lay down in a bed of roses

Hey fellas looky here who’s that bloke at the homestead?
Looks like he’s loaded by the clothes that he wears
And there’s the boss, he won’t turn him away, instead
Invites him in and we all despair
He’s out to impress I guess everyone knows
The old man needs his girl to meet class
But that kind of money none of us have any to show
So here I go again watching my luck run out fast


I keep telling myself the grass will grow greener
And good things will happen in time
But I’m tired of waiting I told her I’m leaving
So why is she waving with tears in her eyes

In this lonely hotel room I’d write her a letter
But it’s hard to think straight with that noise ‘cross the street
There’s a dance on tonight I might go to forget her
You never know, I could meet somebody sweet
Oh why did she slip through my fingers like sand
‘Cause I’m certain that she felt the same
All I need to remind me I hold in my hand
Just this rose, what a beautiful name


Forever Young

Robert Dylan (Sony ATV)

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars
Climb on every rung
May you stay forever young

May you grow up to be righteous
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the light surrounding you
May you always be courageous
Stand upright and be strong
May you stay forever young

Forever young forever young
May you stay forever young

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift
My your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
May you stay forever young


Rolling Up His Sleeve

Brendon Walmsley (Control)

Working in the burning sun it’s never been this dry
He’s seen enough for hearts to break, to make a grown man cry
But he’s out on the tractor with a reason to believe
He’s still got a job to do - he’s rolling up his sleeve

Tough as leather strong as steel
Tries to fight what he might feel
Only does what he knows best
When the rest have gone
He’ll be staying on
You know he’ll always be the last to leave
When he’s rolling up his sleeve

Friday night a quiet beer down at the local bar
Some boys are in from out of town, they’ve gone one step too far
And they’re picking on the waitress, til he says “You let her be”
But sometimes words are not enough - he’s rolling up his sleeve


He can work hard in the heat take on any man
But he can’t face the waitress when she takes him by the hand
She’d know he cared if he would wear his heart was on his sleeve
But he keeps it rolled up tight another night the last to leave


What I Miss Most About The Rain

Brendon Walmsley (Control)

Rain is on it’s way I can taste it in the air
We’re hopin’ Hughie makes it worth the wait
While I stand on my verandah and stare into the sky
This time I’ll find it hard to celebrate

It’s been a long time coming, ‘bout as long as you’ve been gone
I remember morning mist amongst the trees
And how we’d spent the night together wrapped up beside the fire
Lightning flashes back these memories

We felt the fresh cool wind blow
Watched rain run down the window
And listened to the sound the whole night through
I haven’t thought of us together
But this changing of the weather
Reminds me of a love I thought was true
What I miss most about the rain is you

I guess I should be grateful afterall it’s been so dry
The creek is crying out to run again
No doubt the town’s excited the seeds have all been sown
But knowin’ you’re not here I can’t pretend


It’s finally falling restoring dusty ground
But it won’t wash away this loneliness I’ve found


Right At Home

Brendon Walmsley (Control)

Five o’clock feels like forever away
Inside my mind thoughts are starting to stray
Attracting distraction won’t get this job done
Eight days a week and I’m worked to the bone
Pushed to the limit my nose to the stone - it grinds me
I wish I could run
But when that grip gets way too tight...I’ll be right

Right at home - Oh that feeling when I pull into the drive
Right at home - No place like it
She throws her arms around me, now I don’t face this world alone
And I’ll be right, alright, right at home

Working day’s over deserving a spell
A few of the boys heading to the hotel
To drown all their troubles with doubles and bottles of beer
But I won’t be going along with the crowd
‘Cause nothing compares to this fix that I’ve found - I’m sorry
I gotta get outta here
Yeah I might give them a miss tonight...but I’ll be right


Sometimes my life gets too hard to explain
Like a piece in a puzzle of some crazy game
When everything’s wrong, it’s all falling apart
I know where I’m gonna start


So Much To Do So Little Time

Brendon Walmsley (Control)

Can you hold the line can I call you back if I don’t do this I’ll get the sack
This job is almost back on track and then I’ll be home soon
She thought he said “I won’t be long” she waited up, guess he was wrong
Once again the same old song just a different tune

A game he’d play and never win juggled ‘round and slotted in
She said he spread himself too thin but this was all he knew
All his friends were left behind while up the ladder he would climb
He’d always say “so little time so much to do”

He’s too busy making money when he could be making time
A winner doesn’t have to be the first to cross the line
Slow and steady, take it in, look at what you’ll find
So little time, so much to do
So much to do, so little time

Not right now I’m running late, I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait
Nothing but a twist of fate would change his mind to see
Little things in life he missed, one more dance, one more kiss
One more chance to reminisce, the way it used to be


No one really was surprised The fast lane made no compromise
Hit him right between the eyes how could he be so blind
Days remaining numbered few, a look at her to see what’s true
He whispers low “so much to do, So little time”

I’ve been too busy making money when I could be making time
A winner doesn’t have to be the first to cross the line
Slow and steady, take it in, look at what you’ll find
So little time, so much to do
So much to do, so little time
So little time, so much to do
So much to do, so little time

Who’d Have Thought It

Brendon Walmsley (Control)

A million to one, or a match made in heaven
However it happened it was meant to be
Destiny calling or the luck of the draw
I’m not sure, but I’m happy you’re here with me
I won’t try to explain the way that we began
And I wonder if anyone can understand

Who’d have thought it - this story of love
We bought it, this lesson in love
We taught it to each other
And before we knew it here we are

It seems so unlikely but I like where we’re at
Flat on our back beneath the Milky Way
See how they shine the stars in our eyes
And I’m, hoping this moment will never fade
I’ve given up livin’ this life on my own
And I’m ready to settle down and make a home


Two different worlds walking as one
Look at us now look where we’ve come

I won’t try to explain the way that we began
And I wonder how anyone can understand

Who’d have thought it - this story of love
We bought it, this lesson in love
We taught it to each other
And before we knew it here we are
Who’d have thought it, this story of love
We bought it, love was falling and we
Caught it, together
And before we knew it here we are

One Candle

Brendon Walmsley (Control)

One candle burning brightly might not seem much from afar
But take a closer look ‘cause it’s shining like a star
One candle burning brightly might be what we need to see
How shadows try to hide what we can really be

Make a difference to the darkness, shine your light to show the world
We can make a better place for every boy and girl
Light a candle for your neighbour, say you’re not afraid to sing
Together we can share in what a little love can bring

One candle burning brightly tightly held by one so small
Staring in amazement at the wonder of it all
One candle burning brightly might be what we have to hold
To know that sometimes simple things are worth much more than gold


One candle burning brightly could ignite a thousand more
‘Til suddenly we realise we’re not angry anymore
If those candles burning brightly stopped the fighting and the fear
The love we give at Christmas would last throughout the year


Count Me In

Brendon Walmsley (Control)

Count me in I’m ready
I know this train is heading
To a better place a way up in the sky
All aboard for glory
Hallelujah home on high

Lost alone and looking for the answers
I was too afraid to find
“Leave it all for later” was the way I travelled
Down this railway line
I saw the light at the end of the tunnel
Made me change my mind
Took the invitation not to miss the destination
I won’t be left behind


Down the mountain through the shady valley
‘Cross the river deep and wide
When the worries of the world are over
I’ll be on the other side
I caught sight of the city in the distance
Shining brighter than the sun
So don’t wait any longer for the land they call “up yonder”
There’s room for everyone


There’s not a lot of time my friend
If you listen can you hear the whistle blow?
Believing buys your ticket so stick with it ‘til the end
Final call - we’re all set to go


All aboard for glory
Hallelujah home on high

Family Bible

P. Buskirk, C. Gray & W. Breeland (Campbell Connelly)

There’s a family bible on the table
Each page is worn and hard to read
But the family bible on the table
Will ever be my key to memory

At the end of day when work was over
And when the evening meal was done
Dad would read to us from the family bible
And we’d count our many blessings one by one

I can see us sitting ‘round the table
When from the family bible Dad would read
I can hear my mother softly singing
Rock of Ages, Rock of Ages cleft for me

This old world of ours is full of trouble
But this world would also better be
If we found more bibles on the table
And mothers singing Rock Of Ages cleft for me